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Since 1986, the Law Office of Ana Claudia Zigel has provided clients with outstanding immigration and visa services; voted Baltimores Best Immigration Lawyer Ana is a member of AILA and the MSBA.

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After at least five years (and in some cases after three years) of holding lawful permanent residence, you may be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Acquiring U.S. citizenship is the only way to assure that you and your United States citizen loved ones are permitted to continuously and permanently reside in the United States. The Law Office of Ana C. Zigel is eager to assist you through this exciting process, a process that Ana has been personally familiar with since her family naturalized in 1973!  Ana naturalized in 1981.

There are many paths to U.S. citizenship. Most U.S. citizens acquire their citizenship by being born in the United States. Others acquire U.S. citizenship through their parents. While some people acquire citizenship automatically, others need the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney to help establish their citizenship. If either of your parents are U.S. citizens, you may be entitled to U.S. citizenship. If you are interested in acquiring and/or establishing your U.S. citizenship, please contact us today to arrange a consultation.